Ripple is one of the more interesting coins to do T.A. on because there is a lot going on in terms of fundamental analysis with Ripple/XRP. There is a war between major proponents (Brad Garlinghouse + Hodor + Ripple Community) and opponents (Frances Coppola + Messari/Ryan + Swift Network) and both are pretty resolute in their stances. As to whether this has led to a ‘net’ sentiment, positive or negative, is still up for debate.

One thing that cannot be disputed though is that Ripple is quickly turning into the most polarizing cryptocurrency in the space. Either you believe that the token has the ability to revolutionize banking itself, or you think that $XRP is essentially a propped-up scheme by the Ripple company to “create” money and an unregistered security that will meet its demise in the near future.

But the purposes of this article is not to dissect the inner-politics of $XRP or assess its legitimacy. We’re only here to look at $XRP’s price action.

Ripple Price Analysis

As we can see from the chart above, $XRP has plummeted by +10% in the last 14 hours alone, making it another casualty of the most recent crypto market dump. Currently the price is resting on a very well-tested support point ($0.29-$0.30).

The picture above shows some pretty obvious and very well-tested resistance and support points for Ripple.

Additional Observation:

It is worth noting that Ripple did not experience the same gains as the rest of the crypto space over the last two weeks. In general, Ripple has declined significantly over the past two months:

From January 2nd to present day, the price has declined by approximately -20%.

Below are the performances of other major T10 cryptocurrencies in that same time span:

  • Bitcoin = -2.65%
  • Ethereum = -0.66% (Essentially Unchanged)
  • Bitcoin Cash = -19.29%
  • Ripple = -20%
  • Litecoin = +39.13%
  • Stellar Lumens = -30.33%
  • EOS = +35.54%


While we can see that Ripple is not alone in terms of its dismal price performance over the last two months, we can also see that it is performing significantly worse than some of its counterparts in the T10.

Back to Ripple

In the chart above, we ‘zoomed in’ to the H2 resolution to get a better idea of what’s going on with Ripple’s price action. In specific, it appears that Ripple is adhering well to the 29–30 cent support. If Ripple is able to get a solid bounce from the point that it is at currently, then the overhead resistance at 31–32 cents seems like a reasonable target to set.

Below, we can see that a bounce of this nature would lead to some decent profits. Assuming that the price were able to break through this immediate overhead resistance, the next overhead resistance point would probably be at 33 cents, which represents a 10%+ appreciation:

Relative Strength Index (H2 Resolution)

We’re going to stay in the H2 resolution to start off for $XRP.

Let’s see what it shows us below:

As expected, the RSI(7) on the H2 resolution dropped like a rock after the market plummeted as well.

There is a chance that the bears could be exhausted (in the short-term), and that they may let up soon.

The green candle spotted in the period before the most current one on the regular H2 TF chart for XRP indicates the same thing.

Moving to the Daily Resolution for the RSI(7)

The RSI(7) on the daily resolution is looking a lot less optimistic for $XRP, however:

Balance of Power RSI

What is interesting, however, is that the Balance of Power RSI (custom indicator) is showing us that there is still massive accumulation for Ripple on the daily resolution.

Let’s see if we can confirm this hypothesis via volume analysis.

Volume Analysis for Ripple/XRP

Keep in mind that the chart above is from the H1 resolution.

Let’s pan out to the daily resolution to see if it renders a different reading.Specifically for the daily resolution, we’re going to switch over to the Binance charts, because they are a T3 market for Ripple volume and the activity there is probably more indicative of general volume trends for $XRP across the board.

Above is a chart for the XRP/USDT pairing on Binance.

In many respects the XRP/BTC chart shows even more accumulation for Binance (not displayed). It appears that there was heavy accumulation throughout November as well and it does not appear that the $XRP that was accumulated during that time has been sold off.

Notable Overhead Downtrend Resistance

Above is the 3-Day Resolution for Ripple. Curiously, this steep downtrend resistance spans back over a year (February 24th, 2018).

However, at this point in time, the over head resistance would be met at 35 cents if Ripple were to climb that high:

Ripple has spent the majority of its time since the Fall of 2017 above that price mark, in specific. So it will be interesting to see if the price will continued to be throttled further or if there will be a catalyst for tremendous price gain for Ripple/XRP.

Ripple Price Analysis Conclusion

Ripple may be one of the more lucrative short/long-term pickups in crypto right now. It certainly appears to present one of the best money-making opportunities in the near future among the T10 cryptocurrencies. This is a rare super-bull chart, but it appears that Ripple has earned it:

The views and opinions expressed in the article Why Ripple Coin’s Value Might Jump Out of the Gym Soon do not reflect that of nor of its originally published source. Article does not constitute financial advice. Proceed with caution and always do your own research.

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