Craig Wright, the Chief Scientist at nChain, recently attended the mining conference in Bangkok set up to resolve issues related to the hashpower split on the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] blockchain. However, Wright walked out of the meeting early, and called it a “load of bullshit”, among other things.

In an interview with Crypto Strategies, he stated that the arguments that went on in the meeting was “basically we have a rehash of core, except this time it’s ABC” referring to the developer team spearheaded by Bitmain’s efforts. He further went on to state that they do not have the hashpower required to take over the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, resulting in them trying to “scare people”. He said:

“That worked in the past because we had proof of social media. Because the way that Bitcoin used to work is lots and lots of tiny miners would be made to move using fear and uncertainty from one pool to another. Now, we have enough between a few groups who are in agreement to have enough hashpower to have 50% anyway so that doesn’t work anymore.”

Wright also made statements about Jihan Wu, the CEO of Bitmain, stating that his “modus operandi” is to fork and split the Bitcoin Cash blockchain again. Wright stated:

“He [Wu] just wants to have many many coins competing. He doesn’t want global money. He just wants exchanges to have lots of little shitcoins that people can gamble on because they get a cut of everything that happens.”

Wright spoke about a meeting that Wu and him reportedly had, where he spoke to him about how the roadmap of Bitcoin Cash was planned before the entry of ABC into the space. He also stated that he has got a mining pool that is “just starting now”, known as SV [Satoshi’s Vision] Pool.

He also spoke about the chain split that occurred last year between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, stating:

“There was no fork of Bitcoin it was a split. It was intentional, the way that it was done was wrong they put in replay protection and a lot of rules to make it separate and keep it seperate.”

On the potential chain split issue that is on the horizon for Bitcoin Cash [BCH], he stated:

“We’re not going to allow any split…If someone tries to do that to ABC, we have more hashpower, we will dedicate it to their hashpower. There is no split. You split, we bankrupt you. This is how Bitcoin works. You don’t like it, stiff.”

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